About Us

Islamic Council of America, Inc.


Madina Masjid (also known as, Islamic Council of America) is a non-profit, religious and cultural organization, established in October 1, 1976. It is the second oldest masjid in New York City.

Originally located in 195 East 4th Street, NY 10009, this place had a very small space with limited worshippers. It was opened and named by spiritual leader Mujibur Rahman Chishti and the corporation was registered on February 4, 1977 presided by Ibrahim Chowdhury and Anwar Hussain by the name of Islamic Council of America Inc. The current building that we use for mosque services was purchased on March 26, 1979 and is located in 401 East 11th Street, New York NY 10009. The
individuals that contributed to the development of this masjid are dedicated as late Alhajj Ibrahim Chowdhury. Alhajj Monir Ahmed, Hafiz Mullah, Aftab Ali, Shofique Uddin Ahbab, Anwar Hussain, Siddiqur Rahman, Moulana Shamir Uddin, Khaisar Ahmed, Farooque Bakt Chowdhury, Shell A Mubdi, Askir Khan, Mobassir Hussain Chowdhury, Sikandar Miah and many other brothers and sisters that we thank for their donations and contributions. This organization is managed and maintained by the executive committee and board of trustees. Our team consists of 13 members elected by general members and life members and the board of trustees are selected (Five Members) for three years by the executive committee members.

This organization is solely run by the contributions and generous donations from the worshippers that attend the five daily prayers and Friday prayers (Jummah) by box collections and the monthly fees from our regular members/lifetime members. This mosque does not only serve religious purposes, but also help those in need in the world. In catastrophic situations like 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, tsunami in Indonesia, and various earthquakes in different countries, Madina Masjid have collected donations to provide relief for people in need of aid. We have also sponsored five orphans for up to 18 years and soon after, these children were able to find a home. Throughout the years, we have distributed Holy Qur’ans and Islamic literatures among the non-Muslims to provide an entry to learn about Islam. The Islamic Council of America Inc. has also in many occasions hosted interfaith discussions among the different faith in our community. We have built a strong relationship with our religious neighbors and they have also learned a lot in the religion of Islam and its misconceptions. Our vision is that Madina Masjid provide a safe place for individuals with multiple points of entry to learn, pray, socialize and utilize a space situated at the intellectual and spiritual crossroads.

Our Team

Mohammed Nasir Uddin
Mohammed S. Yousuf
Vice President (1st)
Khalil Ahmed
Vice President (2nd)
Mohammed Anayet Hossain
General Secretary
Mohammad Aslam Sikder
Asst. General Secretary
Shahed Ahmed
Ballal Hossain
Asst. Treasurer
Zakir Hussain
Alamgir Khan
Mohammed Sumon
Boshir Khan
Mirza Abu Supian
Abdul Hasib (Faruk)